Heal the cause of your smoking habit and the problem goes away



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Smoking Cessation"The most successful smoking-cessation therapy I have encountered."

Michael Fitzpatrick, Director, Meaghers Pharmacy Group



This is The Solution You've Been Looking For

If you can't stop smoking; if you find it really difficult even to try stopping smoking,  this therapy is for you.

By healing the cause of your smoking, Brian will release your habit naturally and immediately.

You'll quit smoking without trying.


Your Habit Healed

Smoking is a symptom of an underlying problem: It is a learned response to certain painful emotional feelings.

When the reason for these feelings is identified and healed, the symptom (your desire to smoke) disappears.


Why do You Smoke?

As a smoker you will not be consciously aware of why you want to smoke - you just know that sometimes you want to.

With Brian's help, together you will quickly uncover the cause of this desire and heal it.

When that happens, your smoking problem goes away - for good.



Una3"Hi Brian, a huge THANK YOU. 2 years in March. I would call it MAGIC what you do."

Una Corcoran Barnes



stop smoking"Brian, you gave me freedom to live again, never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up."

Micheál Mac an Bard



stop smoking"...absolutely no desire to smoke ... So thrilled with my new found freedom!"

Ciara Healy





Brian Healy


Habit-healing specialist Brian Healy creates experiences that transform.

His brief therapy is unique and is unlike anything you may have experienced before.

If you sense that you are now ready to make a change to your lifestyle, please just reach out.

You'll be very glad you did.




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