Stop-Smoking In 24 Hours and Never Want Another Cigarette - Guaranteed



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Smoking Cessation"The most successful smoking-cessation therapy I have encountered"

Michael Fitzpatrick, Director, Meaghers Pharmacy Group


Una"Hi Brian, a huge THANK YOU. 2 years in March. I would call it MAGIC what you do"

Una Corcoran Barnes


stop smoking"Brian, you gave me freedom to live again, never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up"

Michael Mac an Bard


stop smoking"absolutely no desire to smoke ... So thrilled with my new found freedom!"

Ciara Healy

Live Smoke-Free

A World-Class Treatment that Completely Eliminates Your Desire To Smoke - in 24 hours.


Brian Healy's innovative stop-smoking treatment uses sophisticated psychological techniques to create immediate freedom.

You'll quit-smoking with zero cravings, and never want another cigarette for the rest of your life.





moneyback guarantee

 "You will stop-smoking immediately, with zero cravings and have absolutely no desire to smoke, or I'll refund your investment in full for up to 6-months afterwards."


That's a pretty astonishing guarantee when you think about it, isn't it?



About Brian Healy

BRIAN2Brian Healy is an innovative behaviour coach and therapist and has been guiding smokers to freedom for more than 15 years.

He understands exactly why smokers smoke and, more importantly, how they can finally stop-smoking with his help.

Over many years, Brian has developed a powerful stop-smoking method that is completely unique and delivers life-changing results.. 

If you are worried and scared about your smoking, but can't seem to stop wanting to smoke, he'll guide you to the security and freedom you deserve.

If you have an opportunity to consult with Brian, take it!

You'll be very glad you did.



How it Works

There's an emotional intention behind your desire to smoke.

This is the reason you want to smoke more during difficult times in your life.

During your one-to-one consultation with Brian, a searching examination of your smoking habit can reveal exactly why you smoke.

You'll experience powerful lightbulb-moments - a transformative experience that ends your smoking habit immediately.

Because the cause of your smoking is resolved, this means that the change is permanent.

You'll feel safe, empowered and a great sense of relief.

You'll already have quit-smoking successfully.



The Safe Way to Quit

When you decide to stop-smoking with Brian, it's a wonderful decision.

There are no side-effects, no patches or nicotine gum, no medication - just freedom.

If you have a genuine desire to stop smoking, that is all you'll need to succeed.



Your Investment

A fully inclusive, world-class stop-smoking treatment to free you completely of any desire or urge to smoke.

Your programme will consist of a 24-hour consultation process with Brian, beginning with an extended one-to-one session that ends your urge to smoke.

Investment: 430

Remember, you'll stop-smoking after 24 hours, absolutely guaranteed.

You'll also have the security of Brian's 100% money-back guarantee for your first six months of your freedom.

The average  smoker will save almst €2000 in that time alone.



Right Now, You Have 2 Options:

Continue to suffer on as a smoker, or take the first step to real freedom now.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Remember this is not going to be difficult for you in any way, in fact it will be a relief in every way.

You'll feel energised, excited about the future, and free.

Go for it!




Cliona"... that day I left you, I haven't put a cigarette near my mouth. My children are so happy and so am I. We are smoke free."

Cliona Staunton




Hi Brian doing fantastic....every now and again have to pinch my self...:-D so calm and relaxed ...It's like I never smoked. The freedom is a lovely feeling.

It has now been 9 weeks since I met with Brian Healy at Meaghers Pharmacy. I am still smoke free and extremely confident that I am free from cigarette addiction. 

Brian’s method is the most successful cessation therapy I have encountered. I would urge you if the time is right (and you all know that now is the time) to talk to Brian.

Michael F.
Michael F.

I find myself wondering at how easy it is that the urge to smoke doesn't even enter my head. I've been on nights out ..., been drinking, been around other smokers & friends who smoke and I have zero cravings. 
Lisa L
Lisa L

Hi Brian,

No smoking and no desire to. Total freedom. Life changing.

Thanks for everything.