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Smoking Cessation"The most successful smoking-cessation therapy I have encountered"

Michael Fitzpatrick, Director, Meaghers Pharmacy Group


Una"Hi Brian, a huge THANK YOU. 2 years in March. I would call it MAGIC what you do"

Una Corcoran Barnes


stop smoking"Brian, you gave me freedom to live again, never in a lifetime did I think after 41 years I could give up"

Micheál Mac an Bard


stop smoking"absolutely no desire to smoke ... So thrilled with my new found freedom!"

Ciara Healy

Be A Better You

Troublesome habits affect all of us; we never consciously decide to adopt these habits, they just seem to become part of our lives.

These problem habits are the expression of unresourceful feelings.

The good news is that when those feelings and the beliefs around them are healed your habit is naturally released.

Brian will guide your transformation through a series of intensive one-to-one therapy sessions over a number of days.

You'll experience nourishing lightbulb moments and deep insights to heal the causes of your problem habit and bring a new sense of completeness.

Best of all you'll be safe and free.


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Brian's got you.


Brian Healy



I've spent the last 23 years learning how to stop damaging-addictive-habits.

In that time I've developed powerful tools and a rich experience that enables me to really heal the causes of these issues.

Best of all the results can be felt immediately and will continue

If you sense that you are now ready to make a change, please just reach out.

You'll be very glad you did.


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